Our company focuses on communication plastic fiber products

Shenzhen chuangli profit fiber optical material co., LTD. Is a plastic optical fiber communications, lighting plastic optical fiber, plastic optical fiber machine, 45 w plastic optical fiber, light source, MOST automotive fiber, power failure indication, AOVGO fiber optic jumper anwar, high fiber optic jumper, full-bodied red core optical fiber, connect body glow fiber, audio line all over the sky star optical fiber, optical fiber, optical fiber amplifier, plastic optical fiber sensor, TOCP200, Toshiba TOCP155, Toshiba TOCP255 products such as professional production processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system.

Company is now expanding low damage plastic optical fiber in the application of short distance data transmission, and for the world to provide quality and cheap plastic optical fiber transmission system and the plastic optical fiber access network integration system, and FTTH, FTTD, home network, local area network (LAN), consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, security monitoring, national defense military and other fields of equipment providers and service providers to share the results. The short distance plastic fiber has the advantages of anti-interference, high speed, high fidelity, high bandwidth and high performance. Widely used in DVD, CD, VCR, game consoles, computer peripheral equipment, communications systems and audio equipment such as voice, image, data information transmission, and applied to measure and monitor, liquid under the lighting, city city lighting, special lighting, etc.

The company is willing to join hands with the new and old customers to develop and meet the brilliant tomorrow. "Integrity and pragmatism, research and development innovation, the society, give back to the society" for our business philosophy. The integrity, strength and product quality of shenzhen zhe optical fiber optics co., LTD. Are recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life visit, guidance and business negotiations.

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